Choosing the correct method of visual inspection is important. With the wide variety of machines, not all are reliable. Reliance Machine makes sure that your inspection is a success.

Reliance Machine

Fully Customizible

Inspection systems configured to your specific application requirements.

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Industrial Designed

Rugged optics, Tungsten impregnated braided insertion section and more.

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Reliable Manufacturing

None of the products offered here are designed or manufactured in China.

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Reliance Machine Visual Inspection

handheld iris dvr videoscope
Video Camera Inspections

Iris DVR X and Iris DVR Price

modular iris dvr 5 videoscope
Remote Visual Inspection

iTool and Iris DVR-5 videoscope systems

xled videoscope system.jpg
XLED Videoscope System

Professional Video Borescope Inspection

rigid reliancemachine borescope
Borescope Inspection

Rigid and Swivel Swing Prism Borescopes

fiberoptic diopter adjusted eyepiece.jpg
Industrial Endoscopes

For rugged use on machinery inspections

flexible fiberoptics
Fiberoptic Borescopes

Articulated and small diameter fiberoptic needle fiberscopes


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